Novel Asbestos Monitoring Trial

Continuous Airborne Asbestos Monitoring Trial Commences

We are the UK leader in treating asbestos in soils at fixed treatment facilities. We undertake daily monitoring for asbestos in air using both PCOM and SEM methods to ensure that we meet both our permit requirements and guidance levels specified by the World Health Organisation.

Whilst this frequency is far more than the monthly monitoring undertaken by our competitors, we are not a company to rest on our laurels. We are therefore thankful to Shaw City for allowing us to trial their Alert Pro real time airborne asbestos detector. It'll certainly be interesting to see how the results from this emerging technology compares with the existing daily monitoring we undertake, and how this could benefit our employees as well as customers to our fixed treatment facilities.

More information on the Alert Pro can be found here:

Alert Pro continuous asbestos air monitor being used during the treatment of asbestos in soil
Alert Pro being used during the treatment of asbestos in soil