New Site for Asbestos Treatment

Our Maw Green soil treatment facility in the North West is now able to accept soils contaminated with asbestos debris (ACM)

The problem of managing asbestos debris in soils has been one of the major barriers that has prevented the economical redevelopment of brownfield land in recent years. It is frequently uncovered during earthworks without any prior indication of it being present. This has correlated with a significant increase in the cost of landfill tax for accepting this waste type at hazardous landfills. Many projects do not have the time and space to allow the on-site treatment of soils with asbestos debris, and the permitting of on-site treatment now takes several months for sites with over 1,000m3 of impacted soil.

There is also the issue over the availability of specialists to undertake this work compliantly without causing unknown risks to other contractors on site. Our sister company Provectus Remediation ( is a specialist in on-site management of asbestos, even those which would be classified as licensed works. This allows customers to know that the works will be undertaken using a safe system of work. But what to do with the soil?

We opened the UK's first fully permitted asbestos treatment facility in 2018 at our Rowley Regis site in the West Midlands. Since then we have led the market in developing advanced materials processing systems that have increased our material throughput rates meaning that we have the largest capacity in the UK as well as our asbestos emissions control that allow us to achieve WHO air quality standards of <0.0005 fibres/ml, well below our permit requirement of <0.01 fibres/ml.

We are now delighted to announce that we have now permitted our Maw Green soil treatment facility for the treatment of asbestos in soil. This was achieved in August 2022 and will allow us to receive both asbestos and hydrocarbons in soil. The site is going to be extremely busy with our sister company Provectus Remediation having a number of major projects locally that will require a compliant and landfill tax free solution for treating asbestos impacted soils.

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