New additions to plant fleet

Provectus have recently added three 360 excavators to our current fleet at Maw Green. This further increases our capacity to deal with the contaminated soils disposal from our clients

We recently purchased three new 360 excavators to add to our existing fleet of mobile plant on our soil treatment facilities. This was in response to another record breaking year where we continue to be the leader in hazardous soils treatment according to the National Environment Agency waste returns.

The new excavators are dedicated to our Maw Green soil treatment facility where we treat hazardous soils for reuse to restore the former landfill. Our <24hr response times to enquiries ensures that customers can dispose of contaminated soils quickly and cheaply with out the need for landfill tax or delays from WAC testing.

If you need to dispose of contaminated soils then just click on the button below to send an enquiry over. You will obtain a quote within 24hrs or the same day.