Japanese Knotweed? Hazardous Soil?

If you have hazardous soils with Japanese Knotweed, there is now a cost effective solution for the removal off-site for landfill tax exempt recovery.

We recently announced the expansion of our soil treatment facility at Rowley Regis that we operate as part of a strategic alliance with FCC Environment. Having by far the largest treatment footprint and capacity in the Midlands has allowed us to expand the range of materials we can treat. We are delighted to announce that we are now able to treat hazardous soils with Japanese Knotweed inclusions on a dedicated area with integrated physical and biological treatment.

We actually announced this in May to our existing customers, and we are pleased to say that they have been quick to use this facility. Our first live project was the treatment of over 5,000 tonnes of soil contaminated with both asbestos and Japanese Knotweed from a brownfield development site. The facility recovers soil and is landfill tax exempt, so we were able to provide the client with over £500,000 of savings in landfill tax on our first project alone, compared to a direct hazardous landfill disposal option.

We guarantee to be able to provide a quote either same day or within 24hrs, you won’t find a quicker response or more simple system for disposing of contaminated soils.

If you come across Japanese Knotweed in hazardous soils, and want to know the best value option for rapid removal, it is as simple as clicking the link https://www.soilsuk.com/obtain...and the rest will be done for you.