FCC and Provectus Continue Leading the Way in the Midlands.

FCC and Provectus are delighted to announce the expansion of their soil treatment facility at Rowley Regis. This site is now the largest facility in the Midlands and can now treat Japanese Knotweed.

The strategic alliance between FCC Environment and Provectus Soils Management Ltd are able to announce a significant expansion of our hazardous soil treatment facility at Rowley Regis in the West Midlands. The facility now benefits from planning permission for 90,000t of hazardous soil treatment within its 150,000t annual capacity. This is now the largest capacity planning consent for a soil treatment facility in the West Midlands.

We can now also accept Japanese knotweed within hazardous soils for treatment.

In addition, we have expanded our storage capacity for soils. This means we can now store 40,000t of hazardous soil for treatment and up to 150,000t of non-hazardous soil awaiting reuse in the adjacent quarry backfill site, making it one of the largest, if not the largest such facility in the UK.

Having a large treatment capacity, 20 year lifetime within the adjacent quarry backfill, and excellent transport links to the motorway network has enabled the site to be the leader for hazardous soil treatment in the West Midlands since opening in 2016. Customers have seen the benefits of having a reliable soil treatment site with a large adjacent void that does not suffer from periods of closure. This 20 year lifetime allows customers long term security for medium and long term projects that can’t be provided by smaller, temporary facilities, with a limited life-span.

If you have soils with hazardous contaminants such as hydrocarbons or asbestos you can obtain a quote within 24 hours by clicking the Get a Quote link.