Brownfield Art

The hidden art of our hazardous soil treatment facility in the West Midlands

When we built our first hazardous soil treatment facility at Rowley Regis, it required us to develop a site that had been derelict for many years. What is now a 150,000t per year soil treatment facility that decontaminates soil with asbestos and hydrocarbons has a long history of industrial use.

It started out as a dolerite quarry supplying aggregate to the construction industry. Approximately half of the quarry void was then developed as a landfill and restored. The quarry was then closed when all of the dolerite that could be economically exploited had been removed.

In the period between the closure of the quarry and development of the treatment facility a number of local graffiti artists used the site. Some of these works of art were lost during the construction works, but many remain. However, prior to commencing our works we photographed every single graffiti image. For the first time, we are able to publish these images in the gallery below.